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Consumer Unit Checks Available from Our Company based in Yateley, Hampshire

Ensure your consumer unit meets health and safety regulations (compliance with BS7671) by contacting our company for a test and inspection today. As well as repairing electrical work, our efficient team inspects your consumer unit to check that it is compatible with legislation.  The new models of the consumer units have a new RCD protection system installed, which ensures you and your property are safe. Based in Yateley, Hampshire, our aim is to provide you with exceptional service.

Consumer Unit Change – Fire Risks

Recently, BS7671 17th Edition has introduced changes for consumer units, all new installations and replacement consumer units must be installed with metal consumer units. One of the  reasons for the change is because it was discovered that the plastic models had a higher fire risk and are not as robust as the the metal type.  While it is not legislation to replace existing  consumer units any new installations must be of metal varaity.

Another important reason you should consider a inspection is unlike the new units, the older units may contain under rated or inferior fuses/switch gear which do not disconnect under fault conditions immediately. The list of reasons of why you should consider having an inspection is endless, but the main one is because it protects you from fire risks. All new models have RCD protection installed as standard.

RCD Systems

RCD systems are fantastic as they are extremely efficient. They detect any imbalances in the current, and any imbalances found prompts the electricity to ‘trip’. The electricity ‘trips’ in around 300 milliseconds, and it protects you from harm. 

In all our solutions including testing and inspectionsgeneral maintenance, and solar PV systems, our objective is to ensure your electrics are safe.