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LED Lighting in Yateley Hampshire

Lighting in any home or small business matters.  Whatever your reason for upgrading lighting it needs to serve one main purpose and that is to save you money.

How many electricians have you had in your home who have suggested ways in which you can save money?  LED lighting has hit the lighting world with a massive bang in the last few of years knocking sideways any other lighting solution both in terms of looks, cost and product lifetime.

LED lighting packs a punch

LED lighting is the lighting of the future.  If you are considering LED lighting in your home or business in Hampshire you can be assured that you will be moving with the times and will not need to upgrade your lighting for years to come.  In other words, LED lighting is a future proof lighting solution.

However, before you dive in and make your chosen purchases, it is worth calling a qualified and registered electrician in Hampshire for lighting advice.  As an electrician in Yatelay, I specialise in lighting solutions for both home and businesses in and around Yateley.

How an electrician can help

There is much more to lighting projects that simply fitting light fittings and buying the bulbs.  An electrician will work with you on the design of your project – this is ensuring that the correct amount of light is present in the room, that the project will save money both on running costs and purchasing the lighting itself.

Of course an electrician will also install and certify the lighting as well as sourcing the light fittings and bulbs for you.

Things to consider when purchasing LED lighting

As an electrician in Yateley with expert LED knowledge, I can tell you that there are many pitfalls when it comes to choosing LED lighting in your home.  On several occasions, I have had local customers in Hampshire say that they are not happy with LED lighting simply because of poor advice given at the shop or using LED lighting in fittings that are not designed for it.

  • Buying the right fitting

Frustration often occurs before even leaving the shop when faced with the huge selection of light bulbs available.  Many people have made a guess as to what kind of light bulbs they use already only to find that once they are home the bulb does not fit or there is not enough light coming from the bulb.

My advice as a local electrician in Yateley is to take the existing bulb with you when you hit the shops.  Do not be afraid to get the bulbs out of the boxes to make sure that you will be buying the right size of fitting and power output.

  • Cost of LED lighting

Although LED lighting can cost more to purchase than other types of bulbs such as halogen or traditional types of energy lighting, you do get what you pay for.  The lifetime of an LED bulb is far higher for example than all other types of bulb.  The light is also instant – there is no need to wait for the light to 'warm up' as seems to be the case with other types of light bulb.  The annual running cost of LED light bulbs for example is £1.71 and use 90% less energy than the old style.  Although the initial upfront investment is higher, the savings will far outweigh the cost.

  • Ensuring sufficient light coverage

When faced with numerous claims of huge energy savings on packaging, many people make the mistake of opting for the light bulb which has the biggest price saving.  The lower wattages on LED bulbs in particular are confusing and leave many users disappointed when they find themselves apparently sitting in very poor light.  It often means that the person has purchased a bulb that is designed for a table lamp! A 10W LED lamp is sufficient for most living areas as it gives out the equivalent of a 60W light bulb.

  • Warm light Vs Cold light

There is a difference between warm light and cold light and it can make a cosy living room appear like a doctors surgery! Warm light gives a yellowish glow – similar to sunlight and suits homely environments.  In contrast cold light appears to be more natural like daylight.  It works best in modern contemporary environments or in commercial settings.  Some people find cold light is better for reading or for lighting cabinets for example.

  • Shape of the light fitting

The range of light bulbs on offer can be bewildering! It is a good idea to keep the packaging or the light bulb itself as reference.  Light bulbs can appear to be similar but on trying them, appear to large for the fitting.  Don't be caught out with this common frustrating mistake.

  • It pays to ask an electrician to help

Don't be caught out by using sub standard bulbs.  In the worst case, they can end up costing you more money than your present fittings.  Tests on these bulbs have also shown that the claims on the box of brightness and colour do not always match.

As an electrician in Hampshire, I can source the right quality LED light bulbs for your needs and would be delighted to talk to you about your LED lighting project in your home or small business.