Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) in Yateley Requiring Further Investigation - Continued.....

I had now located the fault and the 0.00 reading I had was just as I had predicted, right above my head!  I removed the unprotected connector blocks and found enough cable to pull through and terminate in the board.  

New Electrical Safety Campaign from NICEIC

Today (May 24 2018) the NICEIC (NICEIC stands for the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting.) have launched a new campaign encouraging homeowners to stop DIY electrics and call in a professional electrician. 

As an electrician in Yateley, Hampshire, I fully support this new campaign. Over the years I, like many other electricians do, have come across many dangerous electrical installations carried out by unqualifed people leaving homeowners and their families at risk of fire or electric shock. To help support this important campaign I have posted the press release below:

Questions you should ask before using an electrician

A big passion of mine is to help to keep you and your family safe in and around your home. As an Electrician in Yateley, I regularly promote the safe use of electrical equipment and give electrical safety advice in the form of my blogs. This time I am covering the issue of "how to decide which local Electrician to use"