How to keep children safe from electrical danger

Keeping young children safe from the dangers of electricity can be a stressful time. From ensuring that appliances are kept out of reach to ensuring that nothing gets poked into plug sockets, the fear of electrocution of our children is one of the biggest electrical fears that face householders.

Avoid electrical DIY

As an electrician in Hampshire, I work in many homes where children live. From expectant parents preparing the nursery for their new arrival to families with teenagers who have all manner of electrical appliance is their rooms. The truth is, we never really know for certain what our children are doing from one minute to the next, and a simple mistake where electricity is concerned can cause electrical injury or worse still death.

Hidden Electrical Dangers in your home

Electrical dangers lurk in all homes. Even with perfect electricity you should still use common sense when using electrical appliances. Accidents and misuse of electrical appliances can still lead to electrical injury or even death.

Never take chances with electricity

Many electrical accidents occur because the person did not realise they were doing anything wrong. Take a look through our handy hints and tips on staying safe in your home. By following this advice, you will be keeping yourself, your home and your family as safe as possible from the dangers of electricity.

Electricity kills